A verry simple "graphical" browser comparison

Well to start off you might wonder why I did this, well a verry practical reason... to see what browser to use on my Toshiba Satellite 100CS laptop, which was also the test platform. All the tests took place on this machine, since as I see it on a newer computer it really doesn't matter what you are running, couse everything runs fast on duron 650mhz with >128MB of ram ;)
All tests were done on Debian GNU/Linux (sid) with kernel 2.4.17 and XFree86 version 4.1.0. The machine is a Intel Mobile Pentium 75mhz with 24mb of ram, this was running on an reiserfs/ext3 filesystem.

Well I tested 6 browsers; Opera 6.0 build 161 final static, Mozilla 1.0.0, Netscape 4.79, Dilo 0.6.6, Galeon 1.2.5 and ELinks 0.4pre5. The test was really simple; I only connected to a web page on a local lan, so link was not a problem. The page only had few tables and two small pictures. The characters on it were in latin2 codepage ( http://neonatus.net/~neonatus/ ) and I timed the time required to start the browser, and than load the whole ) page and here are the results of those tests.

Opera 6.0 build 161:
Package size: 13124Kb
Start and load time: 65 seconds
Page load time: 11 seconds
Good points: supports ssl keys, supports latin2 character set, supports nice printing, extremelly fast and as you see it is really small too
Bad points: Ugly commercial that takes a lot of space if your monitor is not verry gig, sometimes has problems with javascript or css, some plugins aren't available yet.
The browser of my choice now!
Mozilla 1.0.0:
Package size: 22380Kb to 28264Kb
Start and load time: 3 minutes and 32 seconds
Page load time: 91 seconds
Good points: renders objects really well, beutifull fonts, supports encrypted keys (money transfers and internet banking). Has integrated mail and news clients and wysiwyg html editor.
Bad points: CPU hog, memory hog, takes a lot of disk space :(
Netscape 4.79:
Package size: 22384Kb
Start and load time: 1 minute 37 seconds
Page load time: 12 seconds
Good points: Uses plugins, can be used for online banking
Bad points: rendering could be a lot better, ugly fonts, crash prone, uses 2 much CPU and memory.
Galeon 1.2.5:
Package size: 4948Kb + size of base mozilla package
Start and load time: 2 minutes 15 seconds
Page load time: 1 minute 7 seconds
Good points: loads faster than mozilla, uses lot more CPU and mem, so it works better on low side machines.
Bad points: Loads and renderes pages to slow, for a machine as slow as the laptop it was tested on, still requires to have mozilla installed :(
Dillo 0.6.6:
Package size: 400Kb
Start and load time: 8 seconds
Page load time: 7 seconds
Good points: A verry compact gtk browser. Great for speed verry small memory footprint.
Bad points: does not have ssl support, no latin2 charset support, does not have plugins (bad point?), no frames, no javascript.
ELinks 0.4pre5 with SSL:
Package size: 740Kb
Start and load time: (in wterm) 4 seconds!!! Page load time: 1 second
Good points: extremely fast, supports frames, supports ssl, nice support for latin2 characters, supports cookies and ipv6
Bad points: well also no plugins, no online banking, and most of all no pictures, but if you need to read an online article that's the way to do it ;)

Last update: sob sep 14 18:34:28 CEST 2002

Author: neonatus at neonatus dot net

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